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Originally conceived by Kentucky, USA inventor Bridgette Smith, Shop Wolf is literally knocking folks off their feet!

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Shop Wolf is equipped with breaks at the shopper’s fingertips and wheels designed to lock once a patron is seated. Proximity sensors provide the added safety of tracking any obstructions in the path of the shopping cart attached to the Shop Wolf.With an alert system already equipped within the apparatus, store chains interested in purchasing this product as an added value to their patrons can also expect to have a product that sends an alert upon detecting that its position is outside of the defined geographical range.


While it may seem comforting to lean against a cart while pushing it, this is often awkward and especially uncomfortable for patrons who deal with Das beste Angebot jura hausarbeiten ghostwriting minor to major back and neck pains. Shop Wolf comes with a seat for when needed. This makes it easier for patrons to use and ELIMINATES instances of shoppers limping unsteadily with regular shopping carts.

Alternative uses/ Adaptability

Shop Wolf is not only designed for use in supermarkets and retail stores! It can

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also be used for other uses outside of shopping, such as enhancing the mobility of the user with its ability to be attached to other accessories, i.e. bags, making them easier to carry. Premium versions of the Shop Wolf could also be convertible to wheelchairs when needed.

Attaches to ANY existing shopping cart.

Unlike competitors in the market, Shop Wolf attaches to the already existing shopping carts in the stores, reducing the need to have newly designed shopping carts in retail stores/ supermarkets.

Increases revenue
The use of the Shop Wolf will increase spending in retail stores and boost revenues. “Live Free” with the added convenience of shopping with Shop Wolf!

Let Shop Wolf help you “Live Free“:
Shop Wolf helps patrons YOUNG and OLD who deal with a wide range of mobility challenges:
From minor pains and stiffness, to those with a high prevalence of chronic conditions (such as arthritis), as well as the surging demand of patrons needing rehabilitation equipment succeeding surgeries.